Camí, Ramon M.

L’Espluga Calba (Les Garrigues, Lleida), 1951

Resident of tallerBDN

He received a Degree in Fine Arts (Sculpture Department) from the School of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona in 1981. He also graduated as Professor of Art from the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1977 and as Associate Professor in Art Design in 1980. He studied artistic design and decoration at the School of Applied Arts and Crafts in Badalona and at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona as well. He is an interior designer and decorator since 1976 and recognized as an interior architect since 1989. For years now, he has been working as an Art teacher at the INS Thalassa in Montgat and as an interior designer. He carries out his works in his sculpture workshop in L’Espluga Calba.

Individual exhibition: Retrobament at Casal de Tiana (2009), Avenç at Refugi de Badalona (2012), Terrae at Espai Macià-Junta Arts 25400, Borges Blanques (2013) and Spelunca at Castell de l’Espluga Calba (2013).

Some collective exhibitions in which he has participated are 16 escultors tallerBDN, Badalona (2010), Centenari naufragi 1911, (exhibition of commemorative maquettes), Badalona (2011), Itinerant Cent peus, mil passos Badalona (2012), Fet al tallerBDN Fundació Vila Casas-Can Mario, Palafrugell (2012), Looking back looking forward, sculpture show, Paranimf de la Universitat de Barcelona (2012), 10 anys d’Escultura (10th anniversary of tallerBDN), Espai Betulia, Badalona (2015) and TallerBDN, Santa Coloma de Farners (2017).

His sculptures are small and medium in size. Nature, feeling and shape intertwine to recreate new volumes that provide expressive personality and uniqueness to all his works that we could define as anthropological, soft in texture and sensible to the touch. His creations present individual or group themes and are accompanied by poetic words from the author himself. Ancient tools and implements used in the farming activities of yesteryear are his tools of choice, in addition to industrial and mechanical elements. Almond, olive, oak, beech, holm oak, iron and stone are the materials that he uses
Maduresa (1972)
Brosta (1998)
Morfos (2001)
Galaica (2003)
Lluc 1 (2004)
Somni (2005)
Somni (detall)
Astrum (2007)
Serena (2007)
Fus (2008)
Rellotge de l'avi (2009)
Caliu (2011)à.jpgà.jpg
Sobirà (2011)
Balances (2012)
Esclat (2012)
Esclat (detall)
Nova babel (2013)à.jpgà.jpg
Mannà (2014-15)
Revolutum Totum (2016)
Doctrinae (2018)
Equilibri (2018)
Equilibri (detall)