Samitier, Miquel

Resident of tallerBDN between January and October 2009. A permanent resident in tallerBDN fom January 2016 to december 2017

He studied Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and has completed the Advanced Module of Sculpture Applied Arts at the Escola Massana in Barcelona. A board member of the Entremans art association.

“My artistic research in this last period focused on the manifestation of beautiful shapes, always from sculptural point of view, where I use the implementing material and process as my own expressive language.

Multiplication, continuity, proportion, symmetry, ideas of beauty that are related to shapes of both animal and plant growth where geometry provides us a possible path towards the study of shapes, both in terms of energy and material, a path of limitless research where material transforms and evolves towards its own world and where the physical object manifests itself as unique and extraordinary. Aequalitas Numerosa contains within its shapes a view towards evolution, the progressive movement, the growth of shapes and its integration into the environment. Needing to be timeless, a gateway to the mystical world.

Behind all these shapes there is a natural phenomenon, a process of growth, that is based on a geometric spiral, in a curve of continuous similitude, a Gnomish growth, that is, it is caused by the accumulation of successive parts, similar in shape and increasing in geometrically proportion and situated similarly in form facing a centre.” (Miquel Samitier)
Origen (2006)
Gan Gnomica (2012)ó_Raons-evolutives.-Academia-de-Belles-Arts-de-Sabadell-2011.jpgó_Raons-evolutives.-Academia-de-Belles-Arts-de-Sabadell-2011.jpg
Exposició_Raons evolutives. Academia de Belles Arts de Sabadell (2011)ó_Raons-evolutives.-Academia-de-Belles-Arts-de-Sabadell-2011-3.jpgó_Raons-evolutives.-Academia-de-Belles-Arts-de-Sabadell-2011-3.jpg
Exposició_Raons evolutives. Academia de Belles Arts de Sabadell (2011) 3ó_Raons-evolutives.-Academia-de-Belles-Arts-de-Sabadell-2011-2.jpgó_Raons-evolutives.-Academia-de-Belles-Arts-de-Sabadell-2011-2.jpg
Exposició_Raons evolutives. Academia de Belles Arts de Sabadell (2011) 2
Estudi de creixement 1 (2007)
Esfera (2014)
Cuatripomea (2014)
Caixes de pues (4 unitats) (2009)
Bipomea (2010)ües-2014.jpgües-2014.jpg
Aigües (2014)
Aequalitas numerosa (2007)
14 raons (2011)
12 raons (2011)