Sans, Alexandra

Sitges, 1974

Intern of tallerBDN between September and December 2010 and resident between January and June 2011

She received a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a Degree in Business Administration from Ramon Llull University. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at the School of Fine Arts. The title of her minor thesis was “The Hybrid Sculpture of Louise Bourgeois: building one’s niche in contemporary art”, a project that she continues in her Doctoral Thesis and depicts in her artwork. Residing in Barcelona and working in Santa Coloma de Gramenet.

“I seek to create emotional sensations and challenge the viewer while challenging myself. I am interested in the concept of installation that does not ignore the sculptural object. I experiment using various materials that help me express myself in a more rounded and subtle approach. During this past year I’ve worked with paraffin, salt, hemp, jute bag and plaster. I also work with objects that I have found or searched for, and manipulated.” (Alexandra Sans)
Quererte (2010)
Espantaocells (2011)és-de-realització.jpgés-de-realització.jpg
Espantaocells (2011). Procés de realització
Espantaocells (2011). Detall
Arrojado me veo (2010)
Al doloroso trato de la espina (2010)
Al desaliento de la rosa (2010)