Santiago, Ferran

Barcelona, 1973

Resident of tallerBDN from April to September, 2011

After successfully completing a degree in Pharmacy in 1997, he then started his career in this field. At the same time he studied Life Drawing and Sculpture at the School of Arts and Crafts in Barcelona. He later expanded on his acquired techniques at the Rosa Ferrandiz workshop.

At the moment he is focusing on the development of surrealist onirism which enables him to travel beyond the planet, create environments, imagine creatures and speculate with evolution. More than anything though he admires the beauty of the human body, its curves, wrinkles, folds and textures.
Toni (2006)
Toni (2006)
Sleeping (2009)
Rosa (2007)
Resting (2008)
Prether-Hax (2009)
Noia (2006)
Klon N300 (2009)