Zamarbide, Mariana

Santa Rosa (Argentina), 1976

Resident of tallerBDN between January 2008 and February 2009.

Residing and working in Barcelona. Mariana uses different measures and media such as free-hand, collage, sculpture, installation, engraving, artist’s book and video. She explores, using her body, the boundaries between internal and the surrounding world and delving into the concepts of lightness and weight.

Her method of work is based on various research and reflection exercises related to the spatiotemporal status of the being. Conceiving the body as, not just an occupier of space but as space itself. She creates resin “relaxation” artefacts (on which it is virtually impossible to relax), utopian “ideal insulation” projects and facilities related to metamorphosis and banking, concepts that materialize by means of the sum of traces or superposition of shadows.

From a personal perspective, her interests include a “double cultural print” that impacts one’s inner self when originating from the city, and the erosion that we leave behind as individuals in our passage through the world. She investigates urban movements, particularly in relation to public transport and the activation of the inner consciousness when on journeys.

In her most recent work, based on the idea of communication and dependence, she shows interest in the empty space inside the mouth, developing a Series of Máscaras Negras (Black Masks) questioning the idea of reciprocal exchange with “the other”.

Blind Date (2011). Performance a l’espai públic. Barcelona-Badalona, SP

Don’t Cry For Me (2011). Performance / Mariana Zamarbide: Eva Perón – Daniela Wick: Live Play-Back / Barcelona, SPànsit-2009.jpgànsit-2009.jpg
Trànsit (2009)
The Tower (2012). Performance - Barcelona, SP’espai-públic-Schiphol-Airport-Amsterdam.jpg’espai-públic-Schiphol-Airport-Amsterdam.jpg
Suspicious Texture (2012). Performance a l’espai públic (Schiphol Airport Amsterdam)
Mass-man (2007)áscaras-Negras-2009.jpgáscaras-Negras-2009.jpg
M10 - Serie de Máscaras Negras (2009)áscaras-Negras-2009.jpgáscaras-Negras-2009.jpg
M9 - Serie de Máscaras Negras (2009)áscaras-Negras-2009-2.jpgáscaras-Negras-2009-2.jpg
M9 - Serie de Máscaras Negras (2009)áscaras-Negras-2009.jpgáscaras-Negras-2009.jpg
M6 - Serie de Máscaras Negras (2009)áscaras-Negras-2008.jpgáscaras-Negras-2008.jpg
M4 - Serie de Máscaras Negras (2008)’t-Cry-For-Me-2011.-Performance.-Mariana-Zamarbide_Eva-Perón-–-Daniela-Wick-Live-play-back_Barcelona-SP.jpg’t-Cry-For-Me-2011.-Performance.-Mariana-Zamarbide_Eva-Perón-–-Daniela-Wick-Live-play-back_Barcelona-SP.jpg
Don’t Cry For Me (2011). Performance. Mariana Zamarbide_Eva Perón – Daniela Wick (Live play-back)_Barcelona, SP
Descansar (2006)
Descansar (2006). Detall
Descansar (2006)
Descansar (2006)’espai-públic.-Barcelona-Badalona-SP.jpg’espai-públic.-Barcelona-Badalona-SP.jpg
Blind Date (2011). Performance a l’espai públic. Barcelona-Badalona, SP