Coromina Portas, Mireia

Sant Jaume de Llierca, 1982

Resident of the tallerBDN from July to December, 2012

She has a degree in Humanities majoring in Art from the Universidad Pompeu Fabra (2005). She also successfully completed the Advanced Training Programme in Sculpture at the Art and Design Centre, Escola Massana (2012). The knowledge acquired has given her a solid theoretical and historical base to understand the substratum of modern-day contemporary art and also a feel for artistic practice and work. In 2010 she got a grant to study at the printmaking workshops organised at the Fundación Miró in Mallorca. The very same year she took part in the 20th Contemporary Art Exhibition in Sabina, Italy with the assemblage Tessendo la terra (Weaving the Earth). In July, 2012 she exhibited her final year project of her studies at Escola Massana Hortizons d’estar (Horizons of being) in Galería Xina A.R.T. Barcelona for which she was awarded a special prize and a grant to be a resident at tallerBDN for six months.

The need to search for a distinct artistic language that is closely related to an interest in practical crafts that are being forgotten, which are from another era, namely, those related to thread, needles and the weaving of fabric.” (Mireia Coromina)
Tessendo la terra (2010)
Tessendo la terra (2010). Detall
Nius (2011)
L'Espera (2008)
Horitzons d'estar (2012)
Horitzons d'estar (2012). Detall
Horitzons d'estar (2012). Detall
Horitzons d'estar (2012)ònica-II-2011.jpgònica-II-2011.jpg
Cònica II (2011)ònica-I-2011.jpgònica-I-2011.jpg
Cònica I (2011)
Buit III (2011)
Buit II (2011)
Buit I (2011)