Demestre Viladevall, Joana

Barcelona, 1969

Resident of tallerBDN since April 2013

She studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Eina University School of Design and Art and Escola de la Dona in Barcelona. She is currently doing a training course in art therapy.

She has worked as a graphic designer, multimedia designer and an illustrator for many years. In 2011 she began creating figures out of wood called Abrazos de madera (wooden hugs) and since 2013 she has also been focusing on wooden sculptures and drawings on paper.

With regard to my pieces on paper and those made of wood, in this project, my intention is to bring colour into the world and stimulate sensations that connect them up with the world that surrounds us.

  • Sculptures that take shape as the training at tallerBDN progresses.
  • Organic sculptures. Small format sculptures inspired by organic shapes that join one up with the other to form other shapes and create a universe of colour and light.
  • Planeta de Guijarros (Planet of Pebbles). A set of seven wooden pebbles of approximately the same size and shape, although each of them is made with a different type of wood that has a distinct colour. (Joana Demestre)
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