Demestre Viladevall, Joana

Barcelona, 1969

Resident of tallerBDN

She studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Eina University School of Design and Art and Escola de la Dona in Barcelona. She is currently doing a training course in art therapy.

She has worked as a graphic designer, multimedia designer and an illustrator for many years. In 2011 she began creating figures out of wood called Abrazos de madera (wooden hugs) and since 2013 she has also been focusing on wooden sculptures and drawings on paper.

“The artwork in the form of sculptures takes me two very different ways of expression. A more rational, where there is a preconceived notion before creating the work and where I use forms balanced and harmonious colors inspired by nature. Another more intuitive, where there is no pre-established design, the shapes are organic and appear as I sculpt the wood.

Wood, glass and iron are the materials that I use to make the sculptures.

The polarity between the opaque solidity and the textures of the wood grain and the translucent delicacy of the stained glass, with its play of colors and shadows when light passes through them, provide a dialogue between the two materials that I offer according to the characteristics of each of them.

Iron in the bases of some sculptures to give more presence. And stability.” (Joana Demestre)

Unique and serial sculptures of different sizes. Own work and commissioned.
Cedre del Líban, vitrall i ferro oxidat
Cedre del Líban, vitrall i ferro oxidat
Fusta de pi
Cedre, vitrall i ferro lacat
Acogiendo el color
Fusta de cedre i ferro
Espiral cálido
Cedre americà, vitrall i ferro oxidat
Passat i futur
Fusta d'iroko i vitrall
Fusta de til·ler i alumini
Fusta i ferro