Rubio, Emilie

Narbonne, 1980

Resident of tallerBDN between November 2009 and June 2010.

I sculpt sensitively and intuitively.
Some lines are anchored in my artistic development: nature, repetition, and the interaction with the audience… I am in search of an intimate language that is articulated from subtlety, detail, memory…
I want the wind to flow over my works, this breeze, full of life and symbol of perpetual flux and emotion.
” (Emilie Rubio)án-2010.jpgán-2010.jpg
Ya no se devorarán (2010)án-2010.-Procés-de-realització.jpgán-2010.-Procés-de-realització.jpg
Ya no se devorarán (2010). Procés de realitzacióán-2010.-Detall.jpgán-2010.-Detall.jpg
Ya no se devorarán (2010). Detall
Talq (2008)
Plumas y plomos (2007)
Hexa Gomia (2010)