Supply of spaces

Upper floor

  • Six individual workshops equipped with work desks, wardrobes …
One 31 m2 space
Five 37 m2 space
  • A sculpture library and a conference room
  • Kitchen – a fully equipped dining room

These workshops are available upon request to sculptors who submit a specific project to be carried out in the workshop. The selected candidates, residents, will sign six-month renewable contracts.

Ground flour


Six 37 m2 space
  • Full washroom
  • Multipurpose Hall

Monthly economic contributions

Upper floor: Six individual spaces that residents can rent for six months, which may be extended.

  • Under 35 years of age: 150 €
  • More than de 35 years: 200 €
  • Non-sculptor artist: economic contribution to be agreed
  • Shared spaces: economic contribution to be agreed

Ground floor: space, time and economic contribution to be agreed upon depending on project.

Services included


  • Expenses: lighting, water and garbage fee. Telephone not included.
  • Individual Suite: One wardrobe, one file cabinet, sink with hot water, one mobile table, two wall tables, two chairs, one fixed bookshelf, one computer and wi fi
  • Use of specific equipment in the ground floor space: in the presence of the manager and within the scheduled hours.
  • Technical, formal and conceptual assessment, if required.

Common areas:

  • Toilet, dressing room and shower.
  • Kitchen – a fully equipped dining room.
  • Theme-specific library (access to on-site consultation only)

General Conditions

Those selected as residents must sign a contract that involves, among others things, proof of personal insurance, a two-month deposit and agreeing to respect the internal regulations.

Selection Procedure

By open call according to availability. Candidates should send by to the description of the project they want to develop and specify the technical needs. The selection committee is composed by members of the tallerBDN team and they chose the artists according to the quality of their proposal and its adequacy to the facilities at the centre. Resident artists must include the logo of the workshop when they exhibit the work done during their residency.