Associació tallerBDN

The objectives of the promoting association of tallerBDN are:

  • Promote sculpture

Precisely, because we live in times of virtual realities, we need to feel the material and become excited over shapes and all the while asking ourselves questions.
We believe that sculpture still maintains a dual universal language: the sensual experience of materials and the ability to remove the subconsciousness through shapes.

  • Promote quality sculpture

It is a fact that sculpture is manifested in its fullness when it combines all its intrinsic values: material, volume, space, concept, implementation… The confluence of these elements can cause internal resonances that transform the spectator into a creator, and the sculpture into a living being.

We believe that works that radically break all stereotypes as well as works that integrate previous findings can be considered quality work.

We consider, as an added value, that sculpture enhances human values.

We know that the market laws, based on a strong promotional investment, determine the value of a firm. We want to promote specific sculptures, whether they are the work of emerging artists or reknown artists.

  • Promoting debates over sculptural issues

tallerBDN has a documentary background of twentieth-century sculpture that allows us to build on past experience, but we want to be open to the future by making arrangements with universities and art schools, organizing conferences, seminars, exchanges, meetings, etc.

We are convinced that the ideological debate and the formulation of concepts are the seed of new sculptures and that these, in turn, generate further debates.

The specific contribution of the Association tallerBDN

Obviously the value of interdisciplinary arts, but it is an undeniable fact that the centers of art production in Catalonia are not equipped to make sculpture.

tallerBDN was born to respond to this need, the workshop and all that implies: space, material, machinery, infrastructure … In short, allowing the concept to become sculpture.
We, therefore, a physical studio and a virtual platform while we want to become a workshop of ideas about art and sculpture.