Esteve Pastor, Jordi

Barcelona, 1984

Resident of the tallerBDN from November 2014 to May 2015

Is Design graduate from the Escola Eina of Barcelona. Since 2007 works as a product designer with studios and companies like Porcuatro S.C.C.L., Joan Gaspar Industrial Design and Urbiotica. Currently working as a product designer at the company Santa & Cole Design editions

He specializes in drawing and 3D computer-assisted performances (CAD). Accustomed to production systems that enable large and medium Seri productions such as injections or plastic extrusions and aluminum products and surface finishes. Interested in experimenting with materials and processes that allow reproductions through the molding, focused on short runs, where art and craft share the same purpose.

Its products share functionalism and sobriety, often halfway between design-invention. Use technical solutions together to derive a better use of objects. In 2011 his design U-Moist (humidity sensor) Urbiotica for the company, was selected as a finalist for the Delta Awards ADI-FAD.

The project realized in the tallerBDN working with Gerard Arqué and consists of the following objectives:

  1. Increase the knowledge of techniques used in sculpture, such as plaster molds, silicones and alginates for reproductions. The material streams can vary from ceramic materials, such as resin, obtaining various finishes well as employee base material.
  2. Obtained a solid foundation on the technique will work and implement the knowledge gained by making copies of parts, or other objects; which may be part of the human body, animal products, plants, etc. These objects could be modified or hybridized with others in order to find possible use functional or sculptural piece.
  3. Using the technique that provides repeatability of molds or small series production will be investigated and finishes on each piece. Bathrooms and paints, varnishes, vitrificants in case of ceramic or clay
  4. The ultimate goal is to have a defined set of pieces that are part of a series or short series.àlisis-de-luz.jpgàlisis-de-luz.jpg
Esteve Jordi_anàlisis de luz
Puny (2013)
Madona (2013)à-2013.jpgà-2013.jpg
Mà (2013)
Hibrid (2013)